Grindrod - Number 1

Friday, June 29, 2007

Financial Mail Top Companies Survey Grindrod was today announced the top company in the FM’s prestigious Top 20 list, ranked according to a close look at historical financial performance and an assessment of future prospects. Extract from Financial Mail publication: The judges consider how the company is managed (and is likely to continue to be managed) by assessing corporate governance and the inherent strength of management. For the past three years, commitment to BEE, a key strategic driver for all South African companies, is considered. A company may be profitable and well managed, but it is imperative to consider whether it is worth buying. To do that, the share price, valuation and tradability is looked at. Companies whose great prospects have been more than fully priced by the market will fall down on this criterion. Profit prospects are considered in two ways. Sector it operates in and measured against its peers in that industry. The Top 20 companies have not only done well, they are expected to continue to perform.

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