Managing Concessions

The NLPI Group, in which Grindrod has a controlling interest, operates in Zimbabwe through its subsidiary Beitbridge Bulawayo Railways (BBR). BBR was formed in 1997 in partnership with National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) to manage the railway concession between Beitbridge and Bulawayo. The concession provides a key link in the North / South corridor and included a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) arrangement to construct 150km of new track and the upgrade of a further 172 km of existing track. Construction was completed in 1999 and operations commenced that year. The concession completes a missing link between the South African
border at Musina and Bulawayo on the North / South corridor and saves significant travel distance compared to the original route via Botswana. The concession runs until 2029.

The NLPI group also enjoys an access agreement with NRZ to operate trains between Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. Total volumes carried, of around 1 million tonnes of general freight annually, consists of sulphur, fuel (diesel), clinker, coal, copper, cobalt and containers.

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